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Hettstedt: a home to industry with a long tradition. This city located about 50 km south of Magdeburg was the center of copper mining already in medieval Germany.
Gradually an important aluminium industry developed on that foundation. After German reunification aluminium production in Hettstedt went down sharply and it is only Richard Anton KG’s newly founding Aluwerk Hettstedt GmbH that brought a fresh breeze into the region. Nowadays Hettstedt is again considered as an important center of the nonferrous metallurgy in Europe.

Let our capabilities convince you!

Florian Mader
General Management

Without aluminium

… football goal posts would still be out of wood

… modern architecture wouldn’t be as extravagant and aesthetically pleasing

… neither air traffic nor aircraft industry in their present form would be imaginable

… there wouldn’t be any energy-saving motors